Public Relations

Technology consumer companies need to build a brand, create loyalty and drive sales. We bring over 20 years of experience, and 100’s of product review media awards wins to generate outstanding awareness for the technology consumer brands by creating original brand stories insight to make sure your key messages are reaching the right audience.

For our customers we provide full spectrum activities ranging from product launches, product placement, headline-grabbing stunts, content creation, copywriting, event management and thought leadership across all technology media and power influencers


Media Marketing


REMITEK offers media buying services and expert planning across all UK technology media. Advertising should be smart, accountable and targeted and we will always direct you to the most powerful media channels in order to drive your campaign to the right editors, most influential media time trough professional advice, negotiated space, positions, better results and controlled costs.


Channel Marketing


Channel marketing should focus on making sure channel partners are fully enabled and motivated to sell your products. REMITEK focuses on developing strong joint marketing initiatives and making it easy for your channel partners to promote your products through engaging channel marketing campaigns, managing co-op marketing funds .